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Brought to you by Samaritans

Samaritans is a social welfare agency operating in regional NSW. Their work in the community extends from disability services and support for the homeless to services for children, youth and people experiencing domestic violence. They offer a number of confidential services that support women and children escaping domestic violence.  

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Download the App to join the Oi Community! As a member of the Oi Community you are empowering others to understand that abuse is never OK. It is your space to feel supported and to support each other. Take comfort knowing that as our Oi Community continues to grow, you are never alone. 

Learn about abuse

In a relationship have you felt pressure to do something you aren't comfortable with? Take the Oi quiz to see how your answers compare to other young people. Download the App to find out about the different types of abuse and the resources available to help. 

Be a voice against abuse

To take a stand against abuse we need a community. A community of young people who are willing to be a voice against abuse. Your voice is powerful, valuable and deserves to be heard! Download the App to share important information about abuse with your friends.

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